Tuesday, November 1, 2016

20% off Colonial Roots Publications : Christmas is Coming

Christmas Is Coming...Christmas is Coming...

Are you stumped when it comes to picking out gifts?  Are you strapped for cash?  Do you hate contending with all the shoppers in the shopping malls?  We have the same problems.  We feel your pain.

But, All is not lost!

From November 1 through November 10, Colonial Roots Publishers are selling their catalog of books and CDs for a whopping 20% off.  And We are passing this savings on to YOU.

Visit our online store, and pick out all of your favorite Colonial Roots items (all have item #s starting with 120-).  

Choose category "Colonial Roots" in the search box, and all items will appear on your screen.

There are So Many Items to choose from!  Hurry, because their sale ends on November 10.

Vital Records

Church Records

Land Records

Court Records

Covering the states of the Eastern Shores of the United States.... A fantastic resource.

All of your purchases are shipped right to YOU.  No parking, No snow, No crowds, No Hassles