Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Best Sellers of 2016

Hoping that everyone had a lovely holiday weekend....we turn to what we feel are the best of the best in history and genealogy research books from our vendor, Genealogical Publishing Company.

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Genealogy at a Glance: Genetic Genealogy Basics, by Angie Bush, 2016

Angie Bush gives you the simple facts about (a) DNA testing, (b) DNA testing companies, and (c) DNA testing results.

History for Genealogists. Using Chronological Time Lines to Find and Understand Your Ancestors. Revised Edition with 2016 Addendum, by Judy Jacobson, 2016

The 2016 edition of History for Genealogists has been completely revised and edited, and it contains two entirely new chapters. Readers of the original 2009 edition will enjoy the new time lines concerning (1) life on the homefront during America’s 20th-century wars; and (2) fashion and leisure in America from its beginnings through the middle of the 20th century.

Genealogy at a Glance: War of 1812 Research, The War of 1812 Preserve the Pensions Fund

This guide also covers regular army and navy records, prisoner of war records, lineage societies, state records, and published sources, ending with a list of online sources and a handy checklist for finding militiamen.

Genealogy at a Glance: Evernote, by Drew Smith, 2015

Evernote is an amazing tool for genealogists and you can learn all about it in this handy 4-page laminated guide by Drew Smith, author of the popular Social Networking for Genealogists. As Mr. Smith explains in this easy-to-use guide, Evernote may be the most useful tool in your research kit.

Evidence Explained: Citing History Sources from Artifacts to Cyberspace. Third Edition, by Elizabeth Shown Mills, 2015

Evidence Explained, the third edition explains citation principles for both traditional and nontraditional sources; includes more than 1,000 citation models for virtually every source type; and shows readers where to go to find their sources and how to describe and evaluate them.

The Scotch-Irish of Colonial Pennsylvania, by Wayland F. Dunaway, 1944, 2007 reprint

The best history of the Scotch-Irish of colonial Pennsylvania ever written, Dunaway's classic is indispensable to the genealogist because it outlines the circumstances behind the settlement of Lowland Scots in Ulster, their life in that Province for two or three generations, and the reasons for their emigration to America, further tracing the important migratory movements of the Scotch-Irish from Northern Ireland to Pennsylvania, and from Pennsylvania down the foothills of the Appalachians through the Great Valley of Virginia to the Carolinas and Georgia.

Genealogy at a Glance: Ancestry.com Research, by George G. Morgan, 2013

 George G. Morgan offers tips and insights to help you get the most out of your time online with Ancestry.com. Under his guidance you’ll learn how to search all the databases at once, search a category of collections, or search within a single database. You’ll learn first steps and next steps, how to find exact matches and how to use wildcards, how to get the most out of the massive collection of genealogical records, how to add facts and narratives to the tens of thousands of existing family trees, and how to build your own family history.

Quicksheet: The Historical Biographer's Guide to Cluster Research (the Fan Principle) by Elizabeth Shown Mills, 2012

Elizabeth Mills introduces us to the concept of “Cluster Research” based on the FAN principle, the idea being that to prove identity, origin, and parentage individuals must be studied in the context of their FAN club--family, associates, and neighbors. Historical information, she says, is like real estate: the true value of any piece of information is unknown until it is put into community context.

Revolutionary War Bounty Land Grants, by Lloyd DeWitt Bockstruck, 1996, 2006 reprint

 With this work by Lloyd Bockstruck we now have a master index to state bounty land records--a Revolutionary War resource unparalleled for freshness, originality, and research potential.

In Search of Your German Roots. 5th Edition, by Angus Baxter, 2015

The fifth edition of the book highlights all of the recent developments--new facilities, new websites, newly available records--that have made German family history research immeasurably easier. Completely revised and updated, this edition of In Search of Your German Roots is now the most current and comprehensive guide to German roots available.

The Winthrop Fleet of 1630, by Charles Edward Banks, 1930, 2009 reprint

This is an authoritative list of the 700 passengers who are believed to have come to New England with John Winthrop in 1630. Based on research undertaken in England and America, it provides as much data as could be verified on each passenger--name; place of departure; places of residence in England and America; occupation; church affiliation; dates of birth, marriage, and death; and relationships to other passengers. It also has indexes of names, places, and subjects as well as appendixes listing the passengers on the Mary and John and the Lyon which sailed contemporaneously with the Winthrop Fleet.

Jamestowne Ancestors, 1607-1699, by Virginia Lee Hutcheson Davis, 2006

Jamestowne Ancestors 1607-1699, by noted Virginia genealogist Virginia Lee Hutcheson Davis, reveals the names of the very people who established the colony, first under the auspices of the Virginia Company of London and then under King James I and the later Stuart kings of England.

Do you have any of these in your personal research library?

Does your local library have these in their catalog?

Find these books and pamphlets in our on-line bookstore in the Publishers/Genealogical Publishing Company.  We always sell to our customers at discounted prices.  Use the code WELCOME for free shipping.

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Saturday, December 3, 2016

World War II : Free Access on Fold3.com

Jennifer Holik, writer, researcher, speaker

World War II
Where to Find the Facts

This weekend is the 75th Anniversary of the Attack on Pearl Harbor

Fold 3.com has graciously allowed the public to view their World War II Collection of records

And to round out your understanding of the events that took place during that time, we feature the wonderful books written by Jennifer Holik.

Jennifer Holik, writer, researcher, speaker

This is the time....don't wait

If you have family members who were living during World War II, interview them, NOW.
Their stories may surprise you.  Their stories may frighten you. Their stories are real.

Find the Facts....Research

If you don't have any living relatives who experienced the horrors of World War II, do the research to find out what they lived through.  Jennifer Holik can help you take your research to the limits, and beyond.  Never let anyone tell you that there are no records of your veteran family members.  

The Loss of Life Was Staggering

Circumstances of the deaths of those serving in the United States Armed Forces are available.  Service records, morning reports, individual death files, unit histories, ship logs...are all available. You just need to know where to look.  

AncestorStuff has never endorsed anyone for World War II research.....but now we have Jennifer Holik.  We highly recommend her expertise to aid in your discoveries about World War II.


Friday, December 2, 2016

What to Give to the OLD FOLKS for This Year at Christmas

somebody's grandma
If you are like most of us, you have begun that long, arduous task of shopping for the perfect things to give to our family members and special friends for holiday gifts.  Well, how is that going for you?

It takes time and a lot of thought to buy just the right thing.  You don't want to overspend, but then money isn't really the issue, is it?  You want to make sure that the recipient of your gift is happy, surprised, delighted, all of the above and more.  So, where do you begin? More to worry about...what do you get that grandparent, elderly aunt and uncle, or other "seasoned" person that seems to have everything that they need?

In a recent "Gift Giving Ideas" section of a prominent newspaper, there was an article with a focus on gift ideas for senior citizens.  I was delighted when I saw the first suggestion on the list....BOOKS.  According to surveys, seniors have read at least a few books in the past year, more than likely, more than just a few. Most of these seniors admitted that they prefer the old style books that you hold in your hand and flip pages as they read.  Most of these seniors commented that they did not prefer e-books because it just did not give that comfortable, familiar feeling that they had from holding the hardback/paperback books.  It's the smell of the paper, the feel of the cover, the sound of the pages that makes a book more desirable among these seniors.

So what's a shopper to do?  Well, you could buy a gym membership for Grandma, or give Grandpa some of your airline miles. or ....give them the gift of time....YOUR time...and a good book to read together, snuggled under a warm blanket in front of the fireplace.  Read with your elder relatives and friends.  You will probably get more out of it than you thought.  And, Grandpa will remember your time together.

Stumped on what books to get?  Look at what makes Grandma smile, see what Grandpa does with his spare time, observe what Aunt Lilly likes to watch on television, and learn about Uncle Fred's favorite hobby.  Find books that make them feel happy and comfortable, and share your time with them as they turn the pages.
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Friday, November 25, 2016

Free Shipping Weekend

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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Our Newest Product : Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner and Accessories

Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner
We are proud to announce that we have become an Etailer (that means we sell it!!) for Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner and Accessories.

OK, So What Exactly Is FLIP-PAL, and Why Should I Care???

This is a battery-powered photo scanner! It's a flat-bed scanner! Scan photos without removing them from books and photo albums!

You can get wireless transfers from Flip-Pal to your computers/printers when you upgrade to the wireless mode.  No computer necessary for scanning your documents, photos, certificates, letters, etc.

How big is it?  10.25 x 6.5 x 1.25 in.

How much does it weigh?  1 lb. 4.5 oz. (580 gm) without batteries

How many scans can you get?  Typically 150 scans from one set of high quality alkaline batteries, 450 scans from photo lithium batteries, or 500 scans from high quality NiMH rechargeable batteries.

Wouldn't you love to have one of these for the holiday season?  I would.  Just think of all the family photos that you can scan when you gather with family and friends!  Everyone in the family can have a copy of the same photographs.  What a great way to share and get everyone together. 

 Conversations can start around the table when everyone is engaged in sharing stories and All of Those Family Photos! And look at the accessories that you can get.  Some are included when you purchase the Bundles!

Don't forget the wireless capabilities of this little gem!  Think Christmas!

AncestorStuff.com sells the scanner and all the accessories at discount prices.

AncestorStuff.com is your one stop shopping site

Saturday, November 12, 2016

German Genealogy Research Resources : Family Roots Publishing

In the past, there were limited resources that a researcher could use for finding their German ancestors and their records.

But, now we have Family Roots Publishing, http://www.familyrootspublishing.com.  This is one of the best companies that make some great books and volumes of resources available for those with German ancestry.

http://www.familyrootspublishing.com, logo, accessed 12 Nov 2016

Their maps and guides are endless.  How do I know?  I use them!

You see, when I started family tree research years ago, I started with my Italian/Sicilian family history.  At first it seemed to be a challenge, but as I went along I discovered that so much information was available.  It was not a challenge any longer, I made great strides with FamilySearch.org, www.familysearch.org, and somehow everything seemed to fall into place.  The Italians, as I soon found out, had been very good record keepers.

I know that my husband's family had done some research on his family history....but not on the German, Reif side.  His grandmother was a DAR, and yes, lots of papers just fell into my lap (well, not really, but the information came to me with sources, photos and such).  However, the German, Reif research was very limited, so I had my work cut out for me.

I really can't point out any one specific source that helped me the most in my research,  but so much instruction came from the publications of Family Roots Publishing.   Since I started with this company and its offerings, I have made great strides...and, I don't read or speak a lick of German!

Their suggestion to start with death records in the US was fine enough to get me the information that family members were born in the northern counties of Illinois, but not really much more of a boost to my research.  The next suggestion was to gather as many marriage records as possible from the siblings of this family, that I had located in northern Illinois.  Taking their advice, I searched the indexes of marriage records from several Illinois counties, found the listings that may be clues, and contacted the respective county clerks for marriage return papers.  BINGO.

From these records, the spouses mentioned the place of their parents' births.  These were spelled phonetically, as I learned when using guides to find where these places were located.  The only sure thing was that "Baden" was very plainly written on each one of the files.  Using maps, guides, etc. from the list of offerings from Family Roots Publishing, I was able to ascertain the location of Baden, with an old town listing of Weissenstein, now known as Stein.  Most of the marriage records that I had received had various spellings of the town..Issenstein, Essingstein, Isingstein, etc.

Finding the Germans to America book , I found a listing for Georg Adam Reif, arriving in 1854, born in 1807, Weissenstein, Baden.  YES!!!  Things were falling into place.  This was the name of the man who was listed in the census data for 30 years, with his wife and children....all who were matched with the death records and marriage records.  Further research in the sources used revealed that the old town is currently called Stein.  It had merged with two other nearby towns as populations increased.

Looking further for clues, I was searching for this specific arrival of  this family...knowing it had to be a family travelling sometime around that 1850 era, whether together or separate.  One of the guides gave me a clue to research locations where German people were known to depart from in their journey to America.  The clue was that persons from Baden, and the other provinces/areas west of Stuttgart were know to depart from Bremerhaven, among other ports.  Great!  They set me on a search for departure information from this port..  OK!..There was a website listed that had some information on these emigrants, and after a bit of poking around I found Georg departing with a wife and several children in 1854.  Further searches listed the names and ages of the children....and....yes...they matched with the family that I had accumulated in my Illinois searches.

There was one thing that did not look right to me.  The age of the wife did not make sense, because she would have been very young to give birth to the first four children of this family.  Something was not adding up.

More references from the books and guides from Family Roots Publishing lead me to the family books published by the towns of Germany...a long German name, but in theory, it was the civil records of the families of the town....this being Stein in Baden.  The Family History Library did have a copy of this book in their collections in Salt Lake City.  Thank goodness, I had a trip planned there and took the information for this book with me.

I have to say that the assistance with finding the book at the SLC Family History Library was awesome, as I had it in my hands within 15 minutes of walking into the place.  The book did have an index, and I quickly looked for the name, Georg Adam Reif.  There were several pages mentioned....taking one at a time....I found him, AND his entire family, with a special note by the latest mention of him and his brood..."This family left for North America on xxxxday of xxxxmonth of 1854!!!!

To keep things short, as I grazed over the rest of the pages mentioning Georg, I found the names of his parents, grandparents, great grandparents, and so on, with their family members...reaching back into the 1600s,.And, the identity of the first wife of Georg Adam Reif, passing away after giving birth to 4 children, and the remarriage of Georg to his second wife, and her family information, too.  All of this information had dates attached to each entry, with full names.

This journey was not possible without the clues, information and sources provided by the publications of Family Roots Publishing.

AncestorStuff.com, the company that I own, does not sell or represent the publications of Family Roots Publishing Company.  I had such great luck with the information and sources to the clues that helped me to make this journey into the history of the Reif family from Baden.  I wanted to alert everyone that would like some assistance in their German Genealogy research...Please look into the resources of this fine company.  It gave me such a boost in my planning and research.  I know that it can be of great help to anyone else....AND, YOU DON'T HAVE TO READ OR WRITE GERMAN!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

20% off Colonial Roots Publications : Christmas is Coming

Christmas Is Coming...Christmas is Coming...

Are you stumped when it comes to picking out gifts?  Are you strapped for cash?  Do you hate contending with all the shoppers in the shopping malls?  We have the same problems.  We feel your pain.

But, All is not lost!

From November 1 through November 10, Colonial Roots Publishers are selling their catalog of books and CDs for a whopping 20% off.  And We are passing this savings on to YOU.

Visit our online store, and pick out all of your favorite Colonial Roots items (all have item #s starting with 120-).  

Choose category "Colonial Roots" in the search box, and all items will appear on your screen.

There are So Many Items to choose from!  Hurry, because their sale ends on November 10.

Vital Records

Church Records

Land Records

Court Records

Covering the states of the Eastern Shores of the United States.... A fantastic resource.

All of your purchases are shipped right to YOU.  No parking, No snow, No crowds, No Hassles


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24 Hour Sale - Ending Midnight 31 Oct.

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Friday, October 14, 2016

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Colonial Roots Publishing is Moving...The means MOVING SALE!

Christmas is coming a little early this year....I love bargains, and I am sure that you will too when you read about this!

Colonial Roots Publishing, one of the leading resources for genealogy and history books, maps and CDs, is moving.  They would rather sell their present inventory at large discounts, than have to move everything.  AncestorStuff.com is passing those savings onto you!

Visit Colonial Roots Publishing Company's website :

They list all of the Books, CDs and Maps that are currently on sale....172 books, 33 CDs and 3 Maps are currently included in their Moving Sale.

 Items are in  limited supply, so be sure to make your picks as soon as possible, before the October 21st deadline.

Ordering these items on the catalog at AncestorStuff.com, will afford you the same sale prices, PLUS, we will award you FREE SHIPPING when you use the checkout code WELCOME at the end of your order placement on our website. Colonial Roots items on our website begin with 120-

A sample of some of the BARGAINS available :

  • Cumberland County, Pennsylvania Church Records of the 18th Century, by F. Edward Wright 
           was $18.00, Now $10.00.

  • Tax Lists of Somerset County, Maryland 1730-1740 by J. Elliott Russo

          was $29.50, Now $15.00

  • The Washington and Georgetown Directory of 1853 compiled by Alfred Hunter

          was $20.00, Now $5.00

  • The New Jersey Biographical Index, 1800s CD rom

          was $39.99, Now $4.95

  • Map of New York City, circa 1853, reprint, 8 1/2 x 11

          was $1.50, Now $1.00

Colonial Roots is just one of the many publishers that we represent.  And we are very pleased to help them with their Moving Sale.  Won't you browse this sale and find something that may interest you or someone that you know?  You may not see these low prices again.

AncestorStuff.com will match all sale prices noted on Colonial Roots, plus we will add FREE SHIPPING when  you use checkout code WELCOME.

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New Books ! We Have New Books ! Hear All About It !!!

free google images, freeimages.google.com
New Books at AncestorStuff.com!  Read All About It!

We Have Almost 100 New Books Added to Our Catalog....What Can We Help You Find?

Seriously, this has been one heck of a summer.  We can't believe all of the new publications offered by the over 35 writers and publishers that we represent. There is something here just for you!

How about a Murder and Mystery book, combined with historical and genealogical tidbits about an interesting family...
Murder on the Abarenda
Marvin W. Barrash

list price $21.00
AncestorStuff price $18.90

A Naval Reserve Enlistee Finds Himself Aboard a "tin can" 
When War Breaks Out.............................

Navy Daze : Coming of Age in the 1960s Aboard a Navy Destroyer
by Michael R. Halldorson

list price $20.50
AncestorStuff price $18.45

A Young Girl wonders if peace and harmony really exist...learning about Dr. Martin Luther King, she finds that she needs to help it along a bit

My Elephant-Sized Dream
 Bena Hartman & Shelly Lipscomb

AncestorStuff price $10.00

These are just a few of the nearly 100 new books available at discount prices at AncestorStuff.com  And, don't forget about our wide selection of map reproductions and CDs filled with digitized books and maps that are so helpful in your research.

To make purchases from AncestorStuff.com, please visit our website, www.ancestorstuff.com, choose your items and use the handy PayPal service.  Are you a new customer?  Use WELCOME code to receive free shipping (use for new customers on one purchase only). New books are listed under category "New Arrivals".  Also, check out our "Featured" and "Best Sellers" items.
New Books Added Summer 2016

SKU  ProductQuantity in stockPrice ($)
129-41062016 Zaugg Versammlung Zook/Zug Immigrant Tour Booket
501-M3946A Documentary History of Yonkers, New York: The Dutch, the English and an Incorporated American Village, 1609-1860
502-9452A Selected Bibliography of Virginia, 1607-1699
153-ACCO10Accomack County, Virginia 1810 Census
153-Albemarle10Albemarle County, Virginia 1810 Census
120-D9910Allen Allin Allan’s in Virginia Volume I: A-F Counties
501-H5736American Dreams: Ancestors and Descendants of John Zimmermann and Eva Katherine Kellenbenz Who Were Married in Philadelphia in 1885
501-C0956Annals of Fort Lee.
114-LA-0011Bienville Parish, Louisiana History And Biographies
114-LA-0023Boosier Parish, Louisiana History and Biographies
129-ReedBoth My Sons
114-TN-1393Campbell County, Tennessee Register's Book C 1817-1820
502-8609Choctaw by Blood Enrollment Cards, 1898-1914. Volume IX
502-8610Choctaw by Blood Enrollment Cards, 1898-1914. Volume X
502-8611Choctaw by Blood Enrollment Cards, 1898-1914. Volume XI
502-8612Choctaw by Blood Enrollment Cards, 1898-1914. Volume XII
501-K0951Churchyard Literature: A Choice Collection of American Epitaphs, with Remarks on Monumental Inscriptions and the Obsequies of Various Nations
159-153CITIES AND TOWNS OF EARLY SOUTH CAROLINA, Volume II; Articles reprinted from the South Carolina Historical (and Genealogical) Magazine
502-8484Confederate Records from the Elbert County, Georgia Court of Ordinary, 1890-1932
502-9846Cuban Census Records of the 16th, 17th, and 18th Centuries. Revised Edition
501-R0950Deaths Reported by the Long Islander 1878-1890
114-TN-1415Decatur County, Tennessee Marriage Book 1 - 1869-1874, WPA Records, 74 pages, Full Name Index, Soft Cover, Reprinted 2016
501-B5712Delaware River: America’s Historic, Scenic, and Working Waterway
501-N1990Enumeration of Educatable Children in Pontotoc County, Mississippi, 1894
120-D1712Families of Queen Anne’s County Maryland 1800-1850
120-D9909Family Cemeteries and Grave Sites in Harford County Maryland by Henry C. Peden Jr.
129-MartinFingerprints, Bits and Pieces of Motherhood, compiled by Lucille Martin
120-9911Frederick Maryland Directory City Guide and Business Mirror 1859-1860
401-2091Genealogy at a Glance Bundle
114-LA-0016Grant Parish, Louisiana Histories and Biographies
502-9379Guide to Cuban Genealogical Research (Carr)
120-D9912Harford County Maryland Divorces and Separations by Henry C. Peden Jr.
120-1710Harford County Maryland Marriages and Family Relationships 1861-1870
800-001Hays and Breeze ancestors : a genealogy of the parents of my father Ralph E. Hays, by Eugene T. Hays
501-C2614History of Niagara, Ontario, Canada
159-145HISTORY OF NORTH CAROLINA with Maps and Illustrations, Vols. 1 & 2 by Hawks, Francis L.
102-J-W1369Hollywood Bohemia: The Roots of Progressive Politics in Rob Wagner's Script
502-8532Index of Anne Arundel County, Maryland Death Certificates, 1840 -1920
502-8501Jefferson County, Georgia Superior Court Minutes, Vol. II, April 28, 1800-June 12, 1804
502-8504Jefferson County, Georgia, Inferior Court Minutes [Volume VI], July 1820-September 1835
502-8495Jefferson County, Georgia, Inferior Court Minutes [Volume V], February 1814-July 1820
129-LPDBGULittle Pennsylvania Dutch Boy Growing Up
401-2595Locating Your Roots: Discover Your Ancestors Using Land Records
129-GWMillerMaplecrest Turkey Farms, Inc.: A. C. Gingerich & The Turkey Industry in Wellman, Iowa
130-162Marriages of St Paul's Church (1852-1995) Blackstone, Massachusetts.
501-B5729Murder on the Abarenda
129-HartmanMy Elephant-Sized Dream by Bena Hartman & Shelly Lipscomb
501-H5735Navy Daze: Coming of Age in the 1960s Aboard a Navy Destroyer.
120-D1711Northumberland County Virginia Marriage References and Family Relationships 1645-1800 by F. Edward Wright
114-TX-0044Nueces County, Texas Biographies and Southwest Texas History
501-W9005Old Abbeville: Scenes of the Past of a Town Where Old Time Things Are Not Forgotten
129-TribelhornOpening the Rabbinic Doors to the Gospels : An Introduction
401-7130Pennsylvania German Church Records, 1729-1870
401-1758Plantagenet Ancestry of Seventeenth-Century Colonists The Descent from the Later Plantagenet Kings of England, Henry III, Edward I, Edward II, and Edward III, of Emigrants from England and Wales to the North American Colonies before 1701
120-D2017Prince George’s County Maryland Land Records 1748-1752 by Michael R. Marshall
120-D2018Prince George’s County Maryland Land Records 1752-1757
114-LA-0018Rapides Parish, Louisiana History and Biographies
120-D7542Revolutionary Patriots of Lancaster County Virginia by Richard S. Hutchinson
159-154RIVERS AND REGIONS OF EARLY SOUTH CAROLINA, Volume III; Articles reprinted from the South Carolina Historical (and Genealogical) Magazine
502-8117Scottish-American Gravestones, 1700-1900. Volume II
501-101-H9012South Carolina Deed Abstracts, 1773-1778, Books F-4 through X-4
501-H9072South Carolina Deed Abstracts, 1776-1783, Books Y-4 through H-5
120-1383St Martin Roman Catholic Church Baltimore Maryland Baptismal Records 1867-1915 by Kay King
600-007Stories From the Battlefield, A Beginning Guide to World War II Research
600-003Stories From the World War II Battlefield, Volume 3, Writing the Stories of War
600-001Stories From the World War II Battlefield, Volume One, 2nd Edition, Reconstructing Army, Air Corps and National Guard Service Records
600-002Stories From the World War II Battlefield, Volume Two, 2nd edition, Navigating Service Records for the Navy, Coast Guard, Marine Corps and Merchant Marines
600-004Stories From the World War II Battlefield, World War II Writing Prompts
600-005Stories of the Lost, by Jennifer Holik
159-152THE BARONIES OF SOUTH CAROLINA, Volume I; Articles reprinted from the South Carolina Historical (and Genealogical) Magazine
501-W0373The Chronicles of Milwaukee (Wisconsin): being a narrative history of the town from its earliest period to the present
159-151THE HISTORICAL WRITINGS OF HENRY AUGUSTUS MIDDLETON SMITH, Volumes I-III (The Baronies of South Carolina, Vol. I; Cities and Towns of Early South Carolina, Vol. II; Rivers and Regions of Early South Carolina, Vol. III)
159-148The History of Georgia, Volumes I & II by Jones, Charles Colcock Jr.
501-H2640The History, Principles, and Practice of Heraldry
120-DH112The Northampton County Virginia 1880 Census
502-8365The People of Derry City, 1921 : Extracted from the Derry Almanac and Directory
502-8366The Place Names of County Derry
600-006The Tiger's Widow, A Woman Who Took Up the Fight, the Story of Virginia Brouk
501-C0614Virginia Antiquary, Volume 1: Princess Anne County Loose Papers, 1700-1789
149-000508Virginia County Tax Lists - Caroline Land 1789 - 1797
149-000509Virginia County Tax Lists - Caroline Personal 1783 - 1799
149-000510Virginia County Tax Lists - Fluvanna Personal 1782 - 1812
149-000507Virginia County Tax Lists - Goochland Personal 1782 - 1809
149-000506Virginia County Tax Lists - Richmond Personal 1782 - 1814
153-VMASVirginia Merchants: Alexander Smith and Son; His Letter Book of 1803-1822
501-S0489Vital Records of Rochester, Massachusetts to the Year 1850: Volume 1: Births
501-M5728Where Liberty Dwells, There Is My Country: American Civil War Letters, Photographs and News Reports
501-D2522William King’s Mortality Books, Volume 2, 1833-1863
129-4107Zook Postcards