Saturday, December 3, 2016

World War II : Free Access on

Jennifer Holik, writer, researcher, speaker

World War II
Where to Find the Facts

This weekend is the 75th Anniversary of the Attack on Pearl Harbor

Fold has graciously allowed the public to view their World War II Collection of records

And to round out your understanding of the events that took place during that time, we feature the wonderful books written by Jennifer Holik.

Jennifer Holik, writer, researcher, speaker

This is the time....don't wait

If you have family members who were living during World War II, interview them, NOW.
Their stories may surprise you.  Their stories may frighten you. Their stories are real.

Find the Facts....Research

If you don't have any living relatives who experienced the horrors of World War II, do the research to find out what they lived through.  Jennifer Holik can help you take your research to the limits, and beyond.  Never let anyone tell you that there are no records of your veteran family members.  

The Loss of Life Was Staggering

Circumstances of the deaths of those serving in the United States Armed Forces are available.  Service records, morning reports, individual death files, unit histories, ship logs...are all available. You just need to know where to look.  

AncestorStuff has never endorsed anyone for World War II research.....but now we have Jennifer Holik.  We highly recommend her expertise to aid in your discoveries about World War II.