Sunday, February 26, 2017

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Suzanne Walkowiak Rice

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Centre County, Pennsylvania Records

Clinton County, Pennsylvania Records

The Descendants of Anthony Bierly, 1743-1825, and his wife Anna Maria Warner, 1752-1841, of Centre County, Pennsylvania

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Friday, February 24, 2017

RootsTech 2017 State of the Conference Report

RootsTech 2017  and What I Did, Who I Met, The Fun Had by All, Part 2

Previously I wrote about six of the vendors that I met at the RootsTech Vendor Hall in Salt Lake City this year.  To continue, I will review another six vendors that may interest you. Be sure to click on their link to see everything that they have to offer., A social network designed to protect, share and continue your family legacy. This program is compatible with the software of Ancestry, Geni, FamilySearch and many more. This program enables you to keep your family information secure and private. Create a timeline of your family story.  Sign in with your Facebook or FamilySearch account., If you are looking for a source to produce a quality family tree chart, this is it.  They use premium paper.  They have blank tree charts.  They have black and white charts, along with full color charts.  They even have pedigree engraved cutting boards! They can download every photo from your FamilySearch tree., They have a national radio show every weekend.  Podcasts are released every Monday.  Get the ExtremeGenes app from your app store so that you can tune in on iTunes, iHeartRadio, Stitcher and TuneIn Radio.  It's Family History Radio.
Honestly, if you like good history stories, this is the place for you., This company offers custom-made representations of your family history. Visit their website to catch a glimpse of their artistic sample timelines. Photos of your family members are placed on trees done with watercolor, pen and airbrush. Historical timelines list important life events that support the story of the featured person. A customized, biographical history timeline also comes with a pdf file for your use in a family book or other publication.  These samples are beautiful., This company has an exclusive European record collection, covering about 400 years. Records are easily accessed.  This also includes historical maps and translations, along with a name thesaurus.  Integration with FamilySearch, Ancestry and My Heritage makes research seamless. Sign up for their Launch List, and get 6  months free membership. Their offices are in Vienna and Berlin.  I think this could be something that is missing in the world of European research.  Exciting!, The Utah Cemetery & Burials Database has sexton records and information from Utah historical documents.  Click on the tab labeled "Cemeteries and Burials".  On the right side bar choose search for a burial, or a death certificate from 1904 to 1964. in the state of Utah. Add burial information using their Microsoft Excel template.

In a few days, I will review more of the vendors  that I encountered at RootTech 2017.  Perhaps my reviews will encourage more of you to attend the world's largest genealogy party.

Friday, February 17, 2017

RootsTech 2017 State of the Conference Address

RootsTech 2017  and What I Did, Who I Met, The Fun Had by All

This year went to RootsTech 2017 as an attendee, not as a vendor.  Why?  Because I wanted to take my time meeting with all the new Genealogy and Tech Companies that were vendors at the venue.  Did I meet some interesting people?  You Betcha!  Did I find some exciting new companies?  For Sure!  Here are just a few of the most interesting people and  companies that made me smile...

MY HERITAGE BOOK, , personalized children's books
     Check out this company!  What a great concept, and a very attractive product just for kids.

ROOTSFINDER, , a FREE site to link to your FamilySearch family file, or not, which makes it a breeze to list your family members, and the magic fairies find direct possibilities within vital records databases, among other resources.  Try It!

Not only do they have a neat website, but they also sell great books.  And who doesn't like books?  They are located in Plymouth, Massachusetts...where else?

THE IN-DEPTH GENEALOGIST, , a monthly digital magazine, just for those interested in history, genealogy and everything in between.

GENLIGHTEN, genealogy documented, , an easy way to hire a genealogist.  I used to be a member of this site, until I bought this, and now I don't have time to research for others.  Genlighten is a great place to learn how to hire research help, and who is available within your price range and area of expertise.  

HERITAGE GENEALOGICAL COLLEGE, , Where Genealogists Become Proffessionals.  Interested in getting a Certificate, an Associate Degree or a Bachelor Degree in Genealogy?  This is the place to get it!

Stay tuned in for another post of what I found and who I met at Rootstech 2017

Saturday, February 4, 2017

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