Thursday, April 27, 2017

Your Life and Times: A Guide to Tell Your Story

Did you ever feel that if you died tomorrow, you would regret not having left a legacy?  Does your family really know the story of your life?  Some people just never get around to telling their story.  Families are left with very little knowledge of their departed loved ones and what experiences they had in their lives.

Here's a suggestion for you.  Get that story told! Now!

Stephen Arthur and Julia Arthur, Genealogical Publishing Co., 1994 reprint
"With Your Life And Times, an oral history handbook, as a guide you will be able to record your life experiences on tape simply by answering questions that will lead you, step by step, through the precious moments of your life. When finished, you will have completed the oral history of your life and times--a treasure for yourself and a gift of love for your family and its future generations."

"Anyone wishing to prepare a written or oral history of a family would benefit from the ideas and techniques presented in [this book]."--THE AMERICAN GENEALOGIST, Vol. 63, No.4 (October 1988).

This book is just the trick to get you started to telling your story.

And, it's only $9.95!!! Paperback, 50pp.  See item 401-0180 at,